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Flavor of Linux for visual leisure?

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I came here to find out the best flavor of Linux for gaming and visual leisure. I'm all about graphics and such. Anyone got a idea of some I should try out?

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From what I hear mint is pretty well put together and can be configured to be quite visually appealing. As for the gaming pretty much ass Linux based games are available to all distros, so your choice should not matter much. If you are referring to playing windows based games then the distro does not matter, all versions support the wine, crossover games and cedega emulators.

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I too have heard similar claims about Mint being visually appealing. It is also derived from my #1 recomendation to new converts, which iws Ubuntu, and thus should be relatively easy to use, too.

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For Home Theatre PC, I have tried and found element (now 1.3.0) to be very pleasing and functional. As a hint, look in the Trash -- there is more there than one would think!

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Element looks like an interesting find...I'm thinking about giving it a try.

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It is worth a try -- ubuntu-based last version I tried -- just takes a little getting used to. Glad to be of some help!

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