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Dear all,

I have installed OEL Oracle Linux 6.4 on my server , when I type " Top " command to see the CPU utilization , the output shows a root user executed "gpk-update-icon" which consume upto 98% , So needs your feedback with solution.
If I kill this process it will effect ??


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the gtk-update-icon cache process is generally run at boot time to update the internal index of gtk based icons. It should stop or throttle after a while, if it does not then killing it will only stop the indexing. Could it be possible that manual directory modifications such as directory links have caused it to get caught in a directory loop?

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Dear Mfillpot

gpk-update-icon ( gpk not gtk ) it consume more cpu , what shall I do ?
need your suggestion, urgently


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Sorry for the misunderstanding. The app is for the Gnome Package kit, many people have reported that they fixed it by removing gnome and using another window manager, and other have said that you can go to System->Preferences->Personal->Sessions and Untick "PackageKit Update Applet" to stop the applet.

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i have the smae problem , if you sole the problem plz post the solution to me

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