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Well, I am not new to Linux, but I was wondering did anyone know if iTunes 9 would work on Linux using Wine? I am hoping that it does, because right now I am dual booting with 7 and Ubuntu because of iTunes.
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Nevermind, I figured out that it does not work.

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there are alternatives that work much better than itunes in my opinion gtkpod, amarok, banshee etc alot of the current linux media players support ipods. Personally I dispise itunes because its bloated I'd recommend at least trying another product and see what you think.

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Personally, RhythmBox worked alright for me, but Exaile and Amarok are good alternatives. You can also look into RockBox for your iPod, and gtkpod can interface with both a normal iPod and a RockBoxed iPod.

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I use Rythmbox for my Ipod, however I've been having issues with my Ipod Touch. There is a lot of support, but I don't think Jailbreaking works for Touch's with frimware 3.1.2. (Which is what I have.)

Anyone, find out anything new??


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I actually just ditched my iPhone but everything I have was on iTunes. I found Banshee works great for me though. Worked flawlessly getting iTunes from my XP box to my linux box!

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