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Java plugins not installing

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What do i do if im trying to play a game run by java and it need some plugins but they wont install?? i am running fedora 16 and i was able to play the game before i switched over to linux but now i also think its something to do with the way i created the symbolic link can someone also help me with that?

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Which Linux OS and version u r using now, that is important..... also ur comp confs r required, cause u mentioned here u wanna play some games ! There r so many flavors in Linux OS and though their core architecture is almost same, but their file maintenance may be differ from one to another (for eg. firefox / java path and installed dirs.....) If u r using Firefox then simply type: about:plugins on address bar and observe which plugins r already loaded. Thoug more details r required.

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What game? Is it one with a Linux version?

If you're running Fedora, Java can be installed by using AutoPlus. There are links to it in the fedora forums. Here's the link to the thread:

Where did you get the idea to create a symbolic link? Would you like to give us a link to the how-to that told you to do that? Is that how-to where you learned you needed some plugins? Are they plugins for Java, or, are they plugins for a browser?

Questions that are vague won't get you any kind of useful answer.

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what is the game and what is the linux version you use

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