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OjM wrote:

[quote]Top on my list would be a rewrite of F-Spot in C++, like the rewrite of Tomboy (Gnote). That would mean I could remove mono completely from my system.

Yes, that should be the way to go. Less mono and more freedom.

also would create less bloat Amen ! In general less Mono dependant apps , sadly imho so many things are gearing towards a "mono Desktop" = puke. It amazing how some distros (I wont name names to avoid flame war) are really trying to shove mono down the end users throat, you cant even hardly install a desktop because of the dependancy monoJungle.

[quote]Second on my list would be an API that beats OpenGL and the usability of DirectX for things like games. Something that could be common across operating systems, easy to program for and encourage game developers to use for cost and ease of cross platformability (made up word).

Start developing it, I'd bet OpenGL people is trying their best. You also need to get hardware to recognice yourGL.[/quote]

Agree with OjM exactly ! Problem is you need to get game developers to start using the opengl api instead of directX. Opengl is powerful.

I'd like Gnome to feel lightweight and responsive on a core duo cpu @ > 2GHz and 2G of RAM. I'd like Gnome to feel lightweight and responsive on 1/4 of that.

It does if you get rid of the bloat e.g Mono, Beagle, etc etc. Or like the pre poster said build your own.

No you don't, you want them to "sudo apt-get install whatever" or to use the lovely add/remove program thingy. They should not install everything they find from the internet. That's what repositories are for.

my words exactly thank you.

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I will use my wife as an example...she is computer illiterate...however I installed Fedora on her laptop..and installed VMware, with XP in the Virtual machine. with about 5 minutes of tutoring, she can do everything just fine.

Fedora 10 is a nice set up and I like it quite abit...if only I could get it to work on my laptop...

Anyways my gripe is really towards OpenOffice. Linux isnt suffering from already offers more than most will ever use or could. It already offers alot of selection and freedom...I love it...however if it is going to get to people...who arnt "geeks" (sorry, but its true), it will need to focus its efforts on the things non-computer geeks, the people who push a button and want the computer to start up and work, to do documents, powerpoint, excel...until office or open office can truely compare to office, from a non-geek perspective, it will avoid mainstream...think of it like a car with out electric windows, or airconditioning or a radio...will your car run good or even great with out any of those items...yes it will,but why would you buy the car when all of the other cars have those options? just my opinion.

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If all the new games came out on Linux I would be very happy

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Thunder Bird ( as default email client)
xfce on more distributions as derfault desk top invironment
flurndo mega bundle plugins for audio & video in the repositories
Graphical front end for iptables firewall condfigurationh
Better interoperability with Windows and OS X
Option to purchase and install softwarer similar to Click and run for Linspire/freespire (for ubuntu abnd Slack ware)
Ouyt of the box support for Broad Com BCM 4312 wifi cards
supporst for the freebsd port and packages

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Only really 1 big one for me.

PLEASE DEAR GOD FIX THE AUDIO CLUSTERF*SK! (Okay got that out of my system...)

As a quick explanation I help many people get migrated to Linux as their primary desktops and easily the #1 desktop issue that they have (Outside of the oddball peripheral not cooperating) is getting sound outputting to the correct channel (This normally works okay) or more problematic getting the correct input channel setup. I have run into very few chipsets that alsa lists the 2 or 3 ouput channels (Digital, Analog, Headphone) and 2 inputs (Desktops its usually a Front Mic plug, Main Mic plug) (Laptops an integrated Front Mic, Headphone Mic plug) without dumping MANY other options in which confuses the heck out of the person who just migrated (And me when they call and I haven't run into their particular audio setup before). To complicate this pulse tries to guess what to use and usually guesses wrong adding an other layer of confusion to the mess. I don't even want to get into setting up skype for people and getting the mic to work.

Anyway there are other things I wish would be done, but for the moment Audio is a biggie!

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Ubuntu could come with new looks. It's all there, I don't know why they don't just do it.

I'd like to see a real community forming around enlightenment.

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