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Linux Desktop Wishlist

Link to this post 22 Apr 09

I thought I'd post one of my tomboy notes as my first post at the new The note is titled "Linux Desktop Wishlist" - it is basically things that I think could be improved or added to make the desktop "Perfect." Feel free to add more.

* Beagle Index Thunderbird Contacts (GNOME-Do does)
* VirtualBox Drag and Drop Files
* VirtualBox DirectX Support (OpenGL Now Working!)
** Improved OpenOffice (Equation Editor / Speed)
* MSN/AIM/Yahoo Voice/Video/Games
** Silverlight (Moonlight 2.0 For Netflix Watch Now)
** Move Media Player ( ABC)
* Better Video Editor
** WINE Imp. (EPSN360/Silverlight)
** Improved wine app install (wine-doors could be better)
** PowerDVD/FFMPEG Easy BluRay Playback
* Add Link to Scripts/Themes at Gnome-Look
* Skype SMS / PulseAudio (2.1)
** MythTV Nicer Integration of WebVideos ( Something like Boxee)
* Better Looking GDM (Seriously it looks like crap after the rewrite)
* Better Default Desktop Icons
* Make Dust Default Theme
* Docky Workspace Options
** Synaptic AppStore
* Easier Way to install Repos - Perhaps have a list of common ones that you can just click and choose.
** Banshee Auto Bookmark Songs in Tracks

Link to this post 22 Apr 09

I for one would much rather that either Microsoft supplied an official Silverlight plugin for Linux than we using Mono/Moonlight and the patent threat that dangles from it.

Better video editor is something i can agree on. Linux needs one that is dead simple for normal users (most for Windows arent that simple to use imho).

Im not that much of a fan of OpenOffice to be frank. Id much rather see a native, faster and more stable office application rising.

A better default theme for Gnome/GDM/Icons would do wonders. Right now it looks rather dated even if it works very good.

A common place where all various companies selling applications for Linux could gather is also something thats been on my wishlist for very long. CNR just died wich was very sad.

I and many with me arent in Linux just because we are cheap and are infact more than ready to shell out some bucks for a well written application even if its GPL. The problem in my case has been finding things like PaperPlanes and such. You have to look very hard to be able to spend money on Linux.

Link to this post 22 Apr 09

Good list and good start.

Link to this post 22 Apr 09

I thought that Novell's development of Silverlight was in collaboration with Microsoft. So, there couldn't be a suit. Anyway, I don't care how it is done - my request is mainly just that netflix watch it now work without a VM. I would even accept wine as a temporary solution.

Link to this post 22 Apr 09

By your post it looks like you are an ubuntu user, if you dislike some of he components of the default desktop installation or the visual appearance of gnome I would recommend trying other distributions or window managers. Most of the issues you are referring to aren't in fact an issue with Linux desktops, but rather an issue with vendor support. if you want some of these items which exist on windows I would recommend contacting the developing companies and asking them if they have considered making an official release of their software for various Linux distributions.

As for your recommendation about a better way to locate repos, you can run apt-spy which will find the best debian based repo for you based upon distance and speed tests between the servers and your system.

I for one won't let moonlight, silverlight or mono on my linux machine because I don't know how much I can trust such a large propriatary package when it is installed as a service.

Link to this post 22 Apr 09

I use both Fedora and Ubuntu. Although, I admit, the desktop experience on those two is pretty close.

I complained about certain features of certain programs, because those are the closest programs to satisfying my desires that exists.

I compained about lack of automatic bookmarking in Banshee because I find it closest to perfect among the audio players. Amarok is close second but I like banshee better because it integrates better with GNOME.

I complained about things in VirtualBox because to me it is the closest VM solution to my (as a desktop user) desire. VMware Workstation is better but it is 100's of dollars so I exclude it.

Does apt-spy just find the best mirror? Would it actually help me install medibuntu for example? Or, better yet, tell me that something like medibuntu exists.

Not to put down other distros (the more the merrier), but I think it is particularly important because that is the distro potential new users are most likely to see. It would be good if the default icons didn't look like they are from the 90's.

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