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Linux Market Share Passes 1%!!

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think much bigger eric. like this.

I wish the whole windows users wasn't so damned locked into MS Windows.

much better.


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i suspect much more than 1%

lots of articles in the past year on this or that government or agency adopting linux.

lots of us loading linux on friends' former-windows machines (as they have no licensed copy of windows...)

and, on what else besides debian does one run network security tools? ok, that's too narrow...

and (i know this is hard to believe) some ppl are actually tired of malware on their pc and would switch if one of us hinted at it...

so, yeah, way more than 1%.

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Another thing that makes it so hard to pin down is that many people purchase PC's licensed for, and pre-installed with some flavor of Windows, then just blow it away and throw Linux on it. It inflates the numbers in favour of M$.

On a happy note, I'm beginning to get requests for Linux based workstations from several of my employer's clients. Some were prompted by Vista, most were because their on-site tech people are fed up with constantly fighting a losing battle with malware. As evil as it is, by exposing how horribly insecure windows is, malware helps Linux adoption. I'm more than happy to oblige, both from a Linux advocacy standpoint, and because it is so much easier to remotely troubleshoot problems if I can just ssh into the box.

One of the big barriers of adoption in the business arena is coming down now that various Linux mail clients are gaining true MAPI (Exchange) support. As much as I hate it, Exchange is pretty firmly entrenched in a lot of corporate networks.

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yes, exchange.
and ms office.
when a user gets a ms word 07 document, you either must have word 07 or a reader.
that leads less-thinking (most) businesses to purchase ms office.
when office 2010 comes out, then the herd of lemmings will follow whoever buys it first and likewise plunge into the sea, thus keeping up with the joneses.

open office, anyone?

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Skripka wrote:

2) Higher market share *might*, emphasis might, lead to better 3rd party device driver support.

AND more third party applications. Sometimes commercial applications are what is best, and we are never going to get them until vendors ignore Linux.

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