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Link to this post 07 Jan 11

I'm running Arch Linux with Enlightenment DR17 as a Window Manager. The theme is efenniht, and I just have some random gadgets. In the bottom left is pager to switch desktops, and a systray. Then I have iTask-NG launcher in the middle. Then Wireless, battery, cpu freq, and clock in the bottom right. And a simple weather gadget in the top right.

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1x Intel Quad Core processor
500Gb SATA2 Disk
NVidia 9600GT (2xDVI), Dual Head with 22" and 19" monitor (2960x1050 as total resolution)

Gnome 2.30.2
Linux Gentoo current with kernel 2.6.33

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Black background, no frills around...

Link to this post 23 Jan 11

Only just fully committed to Linux, and just experimenting at the moment.

Link to this post 06 Apr 11

Ubuntu 10.10+Gnome2.32+Equinox Evolution Light Theme+Faenza Dark Icons+This Wallpaper

Link to this post 07 Apr 11

Here is my desktop desktop.
So standard as it could be =)

LMDE running rock solid for most of my needs, will post of the laptop aswell (that one running Elementary for testing purposes)
Also got another desktop for my music equipment but that ones under construction, gonna add Ubuntu Studio stuff and some VM running XP.

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