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Television that runs Linux natively

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Aio one is more awesome than meets the eye. It is an Android device, desktop Linux computer and a real TV all in one. It is a crossover between a smart TV and All in one computer. With a clean and minimalist aesthetic our focus will be on all the details, even the smallest.

The Aio is a delivery platform, a device to bring content to the user. It is all about content.

Here are a few ways you can use Aio:

- Hardware upgradeable
- Watch television with system that integrates your social networks and notification that will expanding the user Experience
- Video call (Skype)
- Download your favourite content from the internet (Always-ON bittorrent box)
- Free Home cloud system for your convenience (eg OwnCloud, SelfCloud)
- Plays all your media content in an integrated media player (eg XBMC)
- Streaming from internet (eg Netflix, Hulu, youtube,… )
- Play your favourite games (android games)
- The power of a Linux desktop with LibreOffice and much more
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TV Excellent my friend

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