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The Great KDE vs. GNOME thread.

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i prefer Gnome over Kde and xfce .
i never like the way kde flow. even thou it has some nice features .
just never care for xfce . it never felt light to me and it always made go back to gnome.

i do like fluxbox when i get it configure.

fvwm-crystal i do love but just to buggy.

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i use gnome -ubuntu 10.10-
i always feel like guest-user:) and something is missing on kde.
if i get a new laptop i try to use kde4 more.

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I'm using Awesome primarily and also have gnome installed. I normally prefer KDE to GNOME but KDE has really made me angry lately with the fact that it installs so much bloat when you install. There used to be kdemod but I'm pretty sure that is no longer upkept. GNOME allows you to install the base and the extras separate, and I want that from KDE before I go back toi t.

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Between KDE and Gnome, I prefer KDE for the clean interface and fast code base. In addition the KDE-QT Libraries are a pleasure to build program with, they greatly simplify many actions including translations.

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I've used KDE all the way back in my Mandrake 9.2 days, then, two years ago they started their experiement. Which made me have to switch to Gnome to be able to use my home/business network of computers for business. Stability and a lack of features were the main reasons for the switch, and Gnome worked well. Well enough, in fact, that I never really considered switching back to KDE.
I really wish developers would start thinking of the folks that use their software, because, here I am again, having to change DE's once again, just a couple of years later. KDE, by the way, has matured very nicely, and, it will once again take its place as the main WM on my systems. Why? Not because Gnome has turned into a bloated version of Android for desktops, although it has, but because I keep hearing how many new features will be available in Gnome 3.2. I thought the Gnome folks had learned the lessons that KDE suffered through, i.e., dont release unstable, feature lacking versions of new software. I guess they didn't. But I did.
From now on my business machines will be running Red Hat or Centos. I'll stay bleeding edge only on my personal box. I'm sorry to say that, as I get more experienced, stability isn't so bad for everyday tasks. be continued.

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