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Top 10 Point of Sale (POS) Software in Linux

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I was making some research on a list of open source point of sale (POS) software that runs on Linux. If you know any more Open source POS please reply.

PHP Point of Sale
Platform: LAMP
Type: Retail POS
Description: Its simple to install but cannot handle POS hardware.

Floreant POS
Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Simple User Interface, Table, Guest, Modifiers, Kitchen Printing,Back office, Payroll, Server tips, Advanced Reports. Active development.

Open Bravo Point of Sale
Type: Retail POS
Platform: Java, Can run in Linux
Description: Touch screen based POS, supports different type of hardware, barcode, scanner, cash drawer and has inventory. Good community support.

Lemon POS
Type: Retailer POS
Description: Easy to use Point of sale for Retailers. Has barcode scanner and printer support.
Plaform: Linux

Mercator Java POS

Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Simple Interface, Menu, Order management, Object oriented design, Active community.

Tux Point of Sale
Type: Retailer POS
Description: TuxPOS is a Point of Sale system for Linux based operating systems
Platform: Linux

Posterita POS (Point of Sale)
Type: Retailer POS
Platform: Web
Description: Full web POS for large distribution and multi-site Point of Sale for thousands of users. Posterita POS is built on Adempiere/ERP. Currently iactive.

Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Cybercafe Organizer. Flexible web-based interface written in Perl, Can lock prepaid customers.
Platform: Perl

Type: Retailer POS
Description: Lightweight POS written in Java can be integrated with ERP.
Platform: Java

Type: Restaurant POS
Description: Designed for bars, cafes and restaurants. Good community.
Platform: QT,KDE, Postgresql

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Yeah, Its nice but my favorite is possible pos and its not in list!!

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Thanks for the list, but Wanda POS an open source point of sales solution, is also a great open source point of sales which is openbravo with many bug fixes and a stable integration with Idempiere ERP

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Thanks for this wonderful list. Nissi POS Software is restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software with an integrated database management system with easy functionality and reliability.

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I have a good news. Openbravo POS is not die. I am fork it. You can upgrade Openbravo POS 2.30.2 to NORD POS by one click. NORD POS include discounts, QR-codes, enchance stock managment and more other. Also NORD POS support mobile web-apps.

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Even I would suggest Ducepos Point Of Sale solution as one of the best POS solution provider. They are giving extreme real time support for implementing and maintaining the POS solution.

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