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VoIP on Linux? (Skype sold to Microsoft)

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Recent news says that Skype has been sold to Microsoft: The Skype client for Linux is already outdated?: And now the future is unknown.

Maybe this is a good thing, now maybe more people will realize that Skype is not that funny*. I use Ekiga but I have no contacts on it to test it properly. And I wished that all my contacts could change :D

What good alternatives is there for Linux? Is Ekiga/SIP good enough to replace Skype?

*Self quote on Skype vs Ekiga:

It's true that these software does not work the same way, and thats the point. They provide the same kind of service VoIP but Ekiga do it in the free Software way (free as in FSF free) as using an open standard protocol and licensed as open source etc, while Skype do it in a closed non free way using a closed protocol and not open source. I take Eikga or other "free" client over Skype any day, but Skype has more users and some people want it [...] I use Skype some days but don't like it because of it's obfuscate nature.

Whats your opinion? What are you using today?

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Ekiga is centralized whereas skype is distributed.

The only opensource solution that works similar to skype is xmpp/jingle and it lacks the ability to call real phones (outside the US that is)

Whenever Google enables this around the world... say goodbye to skype ( FINALLY!! it's a real pain in the youknowwhere for any sysadmin)


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I use skype on Linux, but I don't have much faith that MS will keep up the Linux client. I'm currently looking at Google Talk, but I have a lot of friends, family, business associates all over the world with whom I communicate with Skype. Changing peoples habits is difficult...

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I've been using Skype, but have always had the issue that after 20 mins (exactly) the incoming voice goes burbly and unusable. Never been able to track down the cause of that one.

I'm currently looking at Google Talk, which I'm going to test this weekend, but would be interested in other cross platform possibilities.

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I haven't really tested Google Talk video support. If any of you wanna make some tests this weekend I'll be more than glad to help!


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I have already taken action and cancelled my skype account along with removing it from all of my machines.

I have been having pretty good experiences with googletalk's voice and video chat services, they only work with googletalk users but the quality is pretty good.

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