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Wi-Fi repeating software

Link to this post 14 Oct 09

Is there any program designed for repeating a wi-fi signal and controlling the bandwidth allowed to be taken up by the AP. I would prefer an app that would be able to work with dual wi-fi NIC or a standard wired and wireless NIC (which is like my current set up), or if possible on that can utilize a single wi-fi NIC.

Link to this post 14 Oct 09

I found a guide to setting up a wifi repeater on, however I don't know about controlling the bandwidth through a repeater. You could also setup a dual-nic system with one nic connected to your network and setup the second nic to be a new AP and enable QOS on the AP nice. After a Quick search I found which shown distros that are made to be setup are routers, one of them also has QOS support.

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Seems like most distros on that list are meant for headless set up, I'm more of wanting one for use inside of a Linux distro as needed with full GUI.

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Thanks for that guide Mfillpot. Helped me out with my extender!

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