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Wine Doesn't Open With GUI

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Hello everyone, I have this problem that has been bugging me all day. I am using Wine and it wont start up. You see the progress of the cursor loading Wine, but after a couple of minutes everything goes back to normal and nothing happens. I tried reinstalling it but no luck. The only time when it opens is when I use Terminal. Is there something wrong?

My computer specs... Gateway SX2800-01R | Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q8200 | 4 GB DDR3 (RAM) | 640 GB (MEMORY) | Intel GMA X4500 Integrated

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Can you please tell us what distibution your are using and what command and/or menu entry you are trying to launch that won't start wine?

Generally to start the installation and configuration of an application in wine you use the wincfg command which launches a GUI for setup. After that you can open an installed program by running "wine {path to executable}" or in most cases wine makes menu entries for the installed programs on your desktop.

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I am using Fedora Core 11 64bit. The command that I got to use is

wine (path to exe)

Then it installs but I always have to use Terminal to use Wine. Do I have to do anything in the wineconfig?

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wine only includes the 32-bit libraries, it will only work if it is on a multi-lib system, which I do not know if fedora is true 64-bit or multi-lib.

The winecfg command opens a pretty self explanatory gui that allows you to setup per application of global setting for applications and you must use it to install the applications.

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Does that mean I can't use Wine with GUI interface? I mean, my brother has Fedora Core 11 64bit and runs Wine perfectly. I wish I could ask but we don't get along very well.

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The extent of my wine use with a GUI is when I ran winecfg, have you run that command yet?

My understanding from my limit use of it is that the configuration portion uses a GUI, but the applications themselves create their own windows so it should require no additional user interface from wine.

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