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xlsfonts cant see fonts that chkfontpath has listed

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Here are is the first line of the man files for each app.

xlsfonts - server font list displayer for X
fc-cache - build font information cache files
fc-list - list available fonts

It is my understanding that the fc* applications are registering all fonts on the system, xlsfonts displays fonts for the X window system not for XFS as it works for me and I am using the ext4 filesystem.

You may find the information you need in the article at

Link to this post 05 Dec 12

CentOS uses both font systems and they use different folders:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux uses two subsystems to manage and display fonts under X: Fontconfig and xfs.

The newer Fontconfig font subsystem simplifies font management and provides advanced display features, such as anti-aliasing. This system is used automatically for applications programmed using the Qt 3 or GTK+ 2 graphical toolkit.

For compatibility, Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes the original font subsystem, called the core X font subsystem. This system, which is over 15 years old, is based around the X Font Server (xfs).

On CentOS5/Redhat it seems that XFS gets its fonts from the X config file /etc/X11/fs/config which points to /usr/share/X11/fonts, and fontconfig gets its config from /etc/fonts/font.conf which points to /usr/share/fonts. By default neither font system sees the fonts from the other system.

Seems that RH wants to move to fontconfig but still has some things that use XFS. Why they didnt just put all the fonts in 1 folder and pointed everything there so that both font systems had all the same fonts is a mystery.

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You found good information, what is bugging me about your issue is the application that is having problems. Can you tell me what program is having the issue so we can investigate which font system it was using?

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