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ati-catalyst 9.6 on kernel 2.6.30(x86) Crash!!

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Maybe I need got a fedora, but I don't use fedora. So skip it.

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Hi, ;)

A couple of things:

[li]glxgears is NOT a benchmark, it doesn't really matter how much fps does it report as long as DRI is working, also, take into account that if your monitor refreshes the screen, let's say, 60 times per second, it doesn't really matter how much fps your card can do, your monitor will not magically be able to output 3200 frames per second, period.[/li]
[li]fglrx (catalyst, or whatever you call them) DO NOT WORK officially with anything above, which is the latest .28 release of the linux kernel. 2.6.29 and 2.6.30 releases are plainly unsupported. This holds valid for fglrx 9.6 and 9.7. Yes, I am perfectly aware that there are patches around to make them kind-of-work with newer kernels, but if you use them expect all kind of annoyances (spam logs which will fill your /var/ partition, hangs, lockups, acpi stuff not working, etc etc etc), you get the idea. Of course, the magically work for *some* persons, which doesn't mean they truly work at all.[/li]

So, to sum up: if you truly need the propietary fglrx driver, the best idea is to stay at linux 2.6.28.x.

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Here is another great howto for builing an rpm kernel. It is the way that I do it.

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I should add; FGLRX and 2.6.30 do not work together... at least the last time I tried. However, I think ATI supports the 2.6.29 kernel series.

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