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Bluetooth driver for my laptop

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I have a HP G62-361TX laptop whose bluetooth is not working. It shows it;s status is on but does not detect any new device. I gave the command hcitool scan but it returns nothing. I think the bluetooth driver is not installed. How can I solve this??

Link to this post 16 May 11


What Linux OS are you using?

You can see if the kernel bluetooth stack is loaded by checking for the bluetooth driver in your list of loaded modules, e.g.:

lsmod|grep bluetooth

You sometimes need to start the Bluetooth stack manually (often a service/daemon), e.g., on my Fedora box, I'd do:
service bluetooth start

This service is part of the bluez package.

Is Bluetooth enabled in the BIOS of your machine?

Is there are hardware on/off switch (or Function key combo) for Bluetooth/Radio on your laptop?

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