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Canon's iP2700_Linux_Package.tar will not untar!

Link to this post 19 Jul 10

A Canon PIXMA iP2700 Series printer was purchased recently. The referred to driver tar file will not untar using the standard gzip!

A Canon i860 has driver files for Linux only from Japan in Japonese. I cannot read this language.

Anyone with any experience in making Canon printers function under Linux, please tell me how!

Link to this post 19 Jul 10

If the driver files include files with a ppd extension you can copy them into /usr/share/cups/ppdc and use the cups print service to configure your printer.

Also can you refer us to the page you downloaded the driver from so we can see if the package was corrupted or if it has an invalid extension.

Link to this post 21 Jul 10

gzip doesn't deal with rar files. You need to get the rar tools. There are rar/unrar tools in the rpmforge repositories for redhat-based distributions, so I imagine there are some available for Debian/Ubuntu and other distributions as well. I use unrar version 3.9.4 on my CentOS (RHEL) 5 system, and it works very well for me.

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