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help adapting a belkin usb hub {F5L009} to ubuntu linux

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Hello all
The title pretty much says it all. I have a belkin usb network hub that is well integrated in win7 but since I ditched micro$haft for a much better option I was hoping to find someone who might know of drivers developed for this device. I am a novice at Linux but willing to learn. If no drivers are available how about some sort of modification to the device or firmware?
Thanks in advance

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The title doesn't say it all, at least to me.

Adapting a usb hub?

Link to this post 25 Feb 12

A Belkin F5L009 is a USB hub that connects to your network router so that any network user can access the connected usb devices without physically connecting to them. engines are amazing things.....give them a try

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Hi hammerhead,

Marc was really just trying to be helpful and needed some clarification, there's no reason to get snippy about it.

That said, no there do not seem to be complete drivers for the F5L009, or anyone really in active development of them at the moment. Congratulations, you've found a project! :)

I did some searching around and it seems that this guy did some serious groundwork on the reverse engineering effort and produced something at least semi-usable to start. How usable I have no idea not having the hardware to play with myself. That post is very thorough and would be a great starting point in your own efforts if you're serious about hacking on the drivers yourself.

He's also posted the code he generated in that work in his github repo over here.

So my suggestion to you would be to decide whether you want to take this project on or not firstly. If so go give that post a good read through, peek around through his code, and then you may want to contact him to say you're interested in development for the device as well and go from there.



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Hello again
I thank you for your input MasenM .
I also apologize for not being diplomatic but I am the type that gives what I get.
Having said that I give you my thanks and respect because your response actually pointed me in the right direction.
I will post any reply I receive from the author of the aforementioned pages to help spread the word as it were.
Keep up the good work done here.

Link to this post 26 Feb 12


Not a problem. Please do keep us updated on your progress with this, it seems like a nifty device.


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