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help with acer drivers

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hi I'm new with Linux and i was just wondering if some one can help me get the drivers working the drivers iv noticed that arnt working is the network card and the sound card in using backtrack 5 R2 and my laptop is the acer aspire 5750 thanks

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Run the commands lspci and lsusb. Then, post the output from them here. We need to know what hardware you have before we can advise further. There are web sites that can help with both of these issues, but until you know what you have, you can't know what you need. You need to run these commands as the root (admin) user.

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Type command as (nic): lspci -nn and locate the line "Ethernet controller blah blah....Gigabit Ethernet ! Probably it is shown broadcom corp netlink with some nos like bcm57785 or whatever it is, now dnld the driver called linux tg3 driver from here: from the section linux(tg3). Now follow these steps: extract the file and go into the folder.... then
insmod tg3.ko
ip addr show
make install

hope it helps.

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Backtrack disables all network connections by default. If you need to run this distro, you need to read the instructions on how to use it. It's main use is for penetration testing, and it's not meant for the new user. Also, I've never met a sound card whose drivers weren't already in the Linux kernel, unless it's some high end proprietary card.

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