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Integrated Intel NIC card disappear after rebootin

Link to this post 06 Aug 10

Hi all, I'm absolutely new to Linux... here my issue:

SUSE during setup didn't see my HP Compaq 6000 integrated NIC card (Intel 82567LM chipset)

No problem, I downloaded the driver source from Intel site, and compiled it as a RPM package using rpmbuild.
It worked immediately.

The problem now is that after reboot the nic disappear!
If a try an"ifconfig" I see only the lo interface.

Then simply going in Yast, Network card, use "Network Manager", I see the intel nic in the list, I click "finish" and the NIC is working fine again....:huh:

So it seems there is something missing to automatically start the nic during boot sequence I suppose...

any idea? :unsure:

Link to this post 08 Aug 10

It sounds like the card drivers are activated on boot, but your current configuration is not set to have the card automatically call out for a dhcp address. I am not a suse user so I do not know the tools, but should give you some guidance for setting up your network interface defaults to enable dhcp addressing.

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