Lexmark Pro901

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I am somewhat new to Linux and I am having trouble with lexmark pro901 printer. I have downloaded the suggested utility driver from lexmark and still no luck. Any fixes out there?
I am running xubuntu 12.04 with Linux 06 OS.

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What is linux 06 OS?

I looked at a site the Lexmark suggested I go to download drivers for a Lexmark pro901 printer. I added filters for type of Linux OS and version. You are using Ubuntu 12.04. This is the link to all drivers that are designed to work lexmark pro901 on ubuntu 12.04. Make sure you install them all and on the right architect. Use 32bit drivers for a 32bit system.

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On this site, it directed me to to the link on my last post. When looking at the list of supported OSes, it said to visit the site for drivers that work on a linux system.

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very good i have the same problrm and you help me to solve this problem

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