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Looking for a Laptop

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Hello Everyone,

I'm currently using a Mac computer, but it's getting old and it's not working with a lot of things out on the web anymore because of its age and computing capability. I'm looking to buy a new laptop and I'm not considering mac because it is so expensive and too much of it is becoming proprietary. Unfortunately, they don't seem to sell laptops without operating systems so that I can load a Linux into it. Does anyone know of good websites where I can buy a reletively inexpensive high quality laptop without all the extra sotware stuff so that I can put linux into it?

I know this probably may not be the best forum for these questions, but I couldn't figure out where I should ask this question. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!

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You can also get a laptop with a Linux-base OS pre-installed in which you can easily wipe it off and isntall your chosen OS. A lice little list is at

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Hey guys, this is exactly what I was looking for. Have any of you gotten laptops from here? If you have, what kinds did you get?

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I have a Serval Pro laptop from System76. It is rock solid with perfect kernel support, however they are not the best about giving documentation or installation disks.

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I was looking at the System76 site. It looks like they have nice stuff, but it's still pretty expensive. For example, check out this link to this dell costing $849.99:

If I were to get something that would be similar to the dell, it would be the serval profesional at a cost of $1481.00.

For that price, I'm back to where the Apple machines are in price. Although, I'll probably get a lot more bang for my buck w/ the system76.

Maybe I had the wrong impression that Linux was cheaper and better. Maybe it's just better :-) I could always get the Dell and install Linux myself, but having not done that before, I don't want to spend all that money just to break it. :unsure:

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The benefit from the System76 laptops is complete kernel driver support, with a Dell system you will not know about any hardware incompatibilities or chipsets used until it is received.

In my opinion the additional cost is worth it to make sure that MS does not get another installation into the world and profit from a user who does not use their products.

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