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Need help!!! Installing drivers for usb

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I bought a nexxt usb wireless usb adapter and I cant get it to work.
can I get some assistance please.

system Linux Mint 9
driver RT3070


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Remember, linux does not have opensource drivers for all proprietary hardware. In mint there should be an app in the systems menu called "hardware drivers". Click that and see if mint can find an opensource driver for your usb wireless adapter. Or, you can google to see if your device is supported.

Link to this post 24 Jan 11

In Fedora, this driver is available in the RPMfusion "free" repository, so, it should be available in your Mint "hardware drivers" repository. Let us know if you find it. If it doesn't work once installed, it may need a bit of tweaking. You may have to blacklist similar drivers, or, modprobe the one in the Mint menu. Although, Mint does a really good job of setting up its modules/drivers, so, it should work out of the box, once installed.

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