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Network interface is not recognized

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It's so nice! ZeroShell does not have lspci command! It is removed from OS! But it would not help me if ZeroShell had lspci, because OS can not detect driver to show it as the result of this command. Should I install ClearOS on the system to detect the driver?!
Isn't there any way to copy all the drivers of network from ClearOS to ZeroShell and ZeroShell detects the right one and use it?

Link to this post 17 Apr 12

You cannot just copy the drivers, they must be compiled against the running kernel. I have spotted occurrences in the zeroshell forum where people are getting lspci output, have you considered compiling and installing it yourself?

Link to this post 17 Apr 12

Sorry, you're right! I don't know what mistake I made before that thought lspci does not exist! But it does not help! Compiling linux is difficult and I was looking for an easier solution. I tried to edit image of ZeroShell and replace drivers, but it does not work and there is no easier solution than compiling it again!
Thanks for your help.

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