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realtek rtl8139/810x family fast ethernet Nic

Link to this post 24 Dec 09

The problem is, that FEDORA can not install NETWORK CARD driver by default or by selection.

i am using (realtek rtl8139/810x family fast ethernet Nic), but i can not find its driver to use on linux (fedora)

Can someone guide me how can i make (realtek rtl8139/810x family fast ethernet Nic) use on FEDORA installation

Link to this post 24 Dec 09

After checking a few posts on the Fedora forums in the laptops section, I can't find anyone having problems with their rtl8139 ethernet connections. The driver should be in the kernel. Maybe some more info about your hardware, and what version of Fedora your running might help diagnose your problem.

BTW - Back a few years ago, folks complained about this card being shut down by windows. That is, using a communication app in windows that exits by shutting off the card, would leave it disabled in linux. I've never encountered that problem, but there are posts about it in old linuxquestions threads. (This is related to the plug-in cards). Their solution was to pull the card and plug it back in after booting into Linux. I don't know if this will help, but, it's worth a try.

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