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WIFI issues GNOME/mint - RT73 USB WLAN Adapter

Link to this post 24 Mar 11

I have no idea what or how to get the WPA Supplicant. I go to the page it tells me to v.0.5.8 so i can install the WPA supplicant Free edition development from website HTTP://

I tried for quite some time to resolve this issue myself but no luck.

I am running linux mint debian gnome i386.iso
RT73 USB Wireles LAN Adapter

I tried to check the forums but ended up still not being able to find the supplicant.

Please and Thank you For the help!

Link to this post 24 Mar 11

You can't install directly from that page. A little more than halfway down the page from the link you supplied, is a downloads section. There, you can download the source code, and, then compile it yourself. I didn't have time to go through the readme file, but, if you open that up, it will probably explain everything you need to download, compile and install it.
Did you search the debian repos to see if it's available there? If, in a terminal, you do

apt-get policy wpa*
does it find anything that matches? I've never used wpa_supplicant, but, I have seen it available in the repos of other distros.

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