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wireless card driver

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i am using freespire at the moment and it works allright.web broweser is a little outdated.
surprisingly it had a driver for the wireless adapter i am using.
i tried ubuntu 9.10 as a live cd but it could not find the wireless card. or the printer or the scanner.
freespire run as live cd did work well well enough to surf internet.
card chip is a ti acx 111 what driver would i use for ubuntu?
looking for something to get rid of bill g. crap

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Hi emmet-the-cat,
Open a console, type :

lspci -v

Press enter and then copy and paste the output here please.
Using that information, I will then be able to point you towards a working method to make your card work, if indeed there is a driver available.


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the output of lsmod will also help to identify what drivers modules are loaded.

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card is a ti acx 111

Link to this post 10 Apr 10

Great! I don't know what that is!
Please lspci your Linux box and post it back. With that information I can help you. I can use the correct info to work out if there is a module which works for your wireless card and hopefully point you to instructions on how to make it operational.

ti acx 111 is not enough information. Just reposting exactly the same thing does not help me to help you. If you would like the chance that your wireless card will work eventually to improve, please just do as I have politely asked.
Otherwise, I cannot help you.


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is there a way to copy the driver from freespire that is working to an installed pclinux or ubunto(which i was running as live cd)

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