Cant boot from CD

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I have changed the boot sequence to boot from CD. There is Fedora currently installed on my PC and want to install Fedora 15. My desktop wont boot from LiveCd, I have tried it on another machine running win 7 and it boots from CD, so Im thinking the Iso image is on the CD correctly, but why cant it boot on the Desktp. Were can the problem be?

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What do you see when you try to boot? Is it no output to the screen at all? Or at what step does it not work?

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"but why cant it boot on the Desktp" -- What happens when you restart your computer with the CD inside it?

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On my computer when I want to boot from cd, on the bios screen I start tapping f8 till the menu opens to go to cd. When you boot look for the bios splash screen and see if it shows a button to push.

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