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How do I install Nvidia drivers

Link to this post 14 Feb 10

Managed to get the GUI up and running again, but still no luck with drivers.

Here's the output of "lspci | grep VGA"

00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 (rev a2)

My system is up-to-date and I'm currently using kernel version Don't know where to go from here.

Link to this post 15 Feb 10

You found the right guide. I'm glad you found it. When I have a new Fedora install I always bring up the first post from that thread and do a copy/paste of the commands there in order to install Nvidia binary blobs. It's worth a bookmark, because as Red Hat/Fedora keeps binding its Open Source graphics drivers like Nouveau tighter into their kernel, Leigh's How-To is a must to get things installed correctly.
BTW - Experimental mesa-dri drivers are already reporting 3D rendering with some Nvidia cards. Open Source is getting close to not needing proprietary graphics drivers at all. I can't wait for an alpha of F13, I'm dying to try them.

Link to this post 28 Mar 10

I just decided to check back on this thread, I'm glad to see that it has helped other out. Does anyone know if you can get the Fedora cube effects under VMware which uses its own virtual graphics card?

Link to this post 28 Mar 10

I'm currently running Fedora 13 with nouveau graphics (No Nvidia blob) using the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental, and I'm able to use 3D desktop effects. I don't know what virtual graphics VMware is using, or whether they're covered by the Open Source drivers, but it be worth trying. I'd love to hear the results.

BTW - This thread has helped out more than you know, I've given the link out many times.

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