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Install splitvt on Fedora 13

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I need to download this software splitvit, Now the problem is that this software don't come up with the fc13.rpm , It comes in other distributions e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva etc.

I remember a old trick, but really not sure, is that to download packages like apt-tools or dbpkg from yum and then we can install their softwares as well.

Will that do the trick??

also if anyone of you even find it source version (the one in which we need to compile the software inorder to install it.) then let me know how to do it.



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Wait, what about these ?

it seems there're RPM packages for your favorite sw

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Thanks for your reply, umm i have checked your links but those packages were for Red Hat Linux el xx i386, Mandriva.xx etc.

So will that worked on fedora 13, what i mean to says is it necessary to have a package like. fc13.rpm?

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It is not necessary to use an fc13 rpm. But, you may find incompatibilities in dependencies. The only way to tell is to try and install it. Many of the utilities that are used to build an app may not be downwardly compatible with the utilities that were used to build the app available at the rpm search center. Fedora is cutting edge. Unless you're using fedora repos, there may be problems.

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