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Live365 Internet Radio and Fedora 15

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I can't work without my Radio Vietnam on Live365.... so as I am setting up my new Fedora 15, and just finished "mastering the Beast" know as USB Wireless Adaptors, I am ready to set up my radio, but... It doesn't work!!!!

I am trying to migrate my internet usage to the Linux machine and put my Winblows 7 offline, but... well not until this radio is fixed.

So here is a run down, Fedora has offered me some options, Rhythembox, Radio Tray, and Streamtuner2.

Streamtuner2 looked to have the most promise, but there are tons of stations that appear on the multipal internet radio station provider tabs (i.e. SHOUTcast,, Google), but at the bottom of the page it says, "Category parsed empty" ... What, there is a whole list of stations. Then if you double click on one, it pops up and says, i.e. "No decoder found for".

And on top of that, Streamtuner2 can't even contact by beloved Live365!

I can't seem to figure out Radio Tray, if I pick a station, I get an error message, "A Problem has Occurred - A crash in the radiotray-0.6.3-2fc15 package has been detected.... So I get no where with it.

My Rhythmbox is working, but no audio! Ha Ha Ha... and no Live 365.

This all reminds me of remolding a bathroom and running to Lowes 10 times for the same screw.

So, if anyone has any ideas, I am game, and If not.... I just by another Wireless Internet Radio from Logitech. (They are really cool!)


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Do you have the link to the stream (the url to it possibly ending with .pls or .asx)?

I use Mint and when I listen to radio Firefox open the link in one of the Video players.

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I usually use "vlc" to listen to steams, although, as Aron said, you need a link address with a .pls or .asx stream type. I can see the info that you're entering, I've used that same format before when trying to listen to streams in Amarok. I haven't used that method since I discovered vlc. If I get a chance I'll experiment a bit and let you know how it goes.

Edit: I just noticed that the address for the stream you gave came just from the error message, is that the address your inputting when trying to connect?

Edit2: BTW - I'm trying to record one of those .asm streams. If anyone has a favorite method for doing that, please chime in. Actually, if you have a favorite method for listening to them chime in also, thanks. I say this because vlc has gotten a bit unstable, at least in Fedora 15 with updates testing enabled.

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Thanks a bunch I will try these suggestions out and write back!

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You know, everything seems to be working fine but I have no audio, it appears that my card is working, and my linux system doesn't seem to reconize any problems with the driver....

Any other ideas, I have tested all ports with working speakers and I can hear the hummm of the power running to the speakers when I plug it in but no audio

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You should install PulseAudio Manager (paman), PulseAudio volume control (pavucontrol) and PulseAudio device chooser (padevchooser) if you don't have them already installed. I've found that if I connect my laptop to the TV using the HDMI cable I have to make some adjustments. It may be the default setting isn't correct for your computer.

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