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Live365 Internet Radio and Fedora 15

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Goineasy9 wrote:

You should install PulseAudio Manager (paman), PulseAudio volume control (pavucontrol) and PulseAudio device chooser (padevchooser) if you don't have them already installed. I've found that if I connect my laptop to the TV using the HDMI cable I have to make some adjustments. It may be the default setting isn't correct for your computer.

Or you could just try disabling that crappy thing called pulseaudio...

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Well, disabling Pulseaudio in Fedora will break a lot of things. Besides, I'm one of those folks who've learned to live with it, and for me, it works very well.

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I still did not have any luck with it, so... I just ebay a new sound card, and will try that.

My motherboard is jacked, I believe.

Let you know how it turns out.

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