Need a Multi Disc Burner!

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Ok, I need a mulit disc burner for Fedora 15... I have 3 dvd burners and a hell of a power supply, and once, along time ago when I ran windows, I burned multi disc at once... SWEET!, but... I need something like that for my Fedora 15 system...know of anything?

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Not recommended, except at very slow speeds! Otherwise you will end up with a lot of coasters! You can run multiple instances of the command-line burning tools, such as growisofs, but I don't know of GUI tools that will let you do that. They mostly use growisofs under the covers. For this sort of operation, if you have a lot to burn, is to invest in a multi-disc burner. They aren't that expensive, and work quite well. Here is a link to some commercial tools:

As shown, a 3 disc burner is just a hair over $200 USD, and a 7 disc burner is under $320 USD.

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Would be interesting to try K3B with this issue, but he gave you the best recommendations already. Slow down the speeds or buy a new multi-disc burner.

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However he did say it worked in Windows, if that's the case, linux should have no problem being a more lightweight operating system.

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