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Link to this post 03 Nov 09

Dear all,

I had joined my linux machine with Windows domain and I am unable to login as domain user.
Can you pls tell me the steps to login as domain user in FEDORA CORE 11 machine.

I need steps to login as domain user. in the initial screen as domainname\username or username\domainname or simply the domain user name. Do i need to mount any users from windows AD so that i can login only with the mounted users.

if i need to add more details kindly let me know pls.

Thanks and Regards,

Link to this post 04 Nov 09

I would say, yes, maybe you can explain more of what your trying to accomplish. Your obviously trying to access Windows from Linux or vice versa, Tell us about your hardware, how do you have the machines connected etc.

Link to this post 11 Nov 09

I just learned something new...thanks timjcasey.

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