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Problems with the Package.!

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I make a mistake when installing packages with the Package.
To decide this problem types in the terminal:
#su -
#yum-it completes-transaction root
Use this opçõa. To other options beyond this it would like to espermentar.

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I've never used yum-it.
When a package doesn't install correctly I just remove it and do a reinstall.

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And the question is...?

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This also is an option. Sometimes the problem comes before. If you will be to make an operation of installation or removal of a package terminal it and not to finish, teras problem in the future to install other program because, the installation of the other was not concluida. For this reason the Package of I make a mistake. This command that puts before helps to decide this problem.

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I made a pole to help.
I do not know if to an option to make a pole normal.
An option will be had digame so that I puddle to use

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After reading this thread I am horrible confused, the posts do not appear to be a question and are not formed in a way that make it easy to decode.

Can you please restate your question or informative posts and tell us if it is a question?

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