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Problems with the Package.!

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I think gileade is using a translator, correct me if I'm wrong. I think what we need to do is get him a better translator.

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It is an opinion that I gave!

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I am using a translator.
If you can get me a better translator for me to communicate better appreciate it very much.
Thanks for the concern GoinEasy9

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Gileade, tell us which translator you are using. Give us an example, say, of one of the posts you made above, in your own language, and we will try to use different translators and see which one does the best job. Many languages have nuances that translators, even the modern ones, have a problem dealing with. But, sometimes one will work better than others.

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I generally put most of my correspondences through , it does a fairly good job and catches most grammar modifications.

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The google is good.
I shall now use. Thanks!

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