Video issue

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I still can not get write permission to my xorg.conf file. maybe I am doing something wrong... How do you normally do it Marc? I tried Krusader GoinEasy, I didn't see how to use it for this situation. Help! lol.

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Look for Krusader Root-Mode, it may be in System menu. I'm not home to look. I keep the Icon on my top panel.

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GoinEasy9 I got it with Krusader, thanks for the help! I made the change now i'll reboot and try what else was suggested.

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I tried DISPLAY =0 ,1 and 2 all of them say "Can't open display x"


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I use nouveau, not the nvidia driver, I have no xorg.conf.

The open source radeon driver should work with your card though. I'm going to have to reread the thread, did you install the Catalyst driver from AMD?

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it works great, the only thing I don't have is my log in screen, I type my password into a blank screen and press enter. Then everything works great and 3D acceleration is perfect. Just the annoying issue of my log-in screen not working, I get "Input not supported" at it.

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