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What to expect from the new fedora?

Link to this post 20 May 11

Am using Fedora for a long time. Very happy with that. Great boot time from fc11. I enjoyed with goddard release and I feel that is more stable than laughlin .

Google voice and video chat plug-ins always gave me a problem. It installed, but did not get integrated.

I am expecting a solution for this in fc15.

Chrome is not stable even in MS Vista and Windows 7. Dont have idea to use that.

Some third party applications like skype etc are all stable in goddard release. Wants the same in fc15.

And the two more are,

1. usb_modeswitch kind of things should be with distro itself [fc14 has. not stable. sometimes manually did]
2. AUDIO PLUGINS are integrated means, that saves some bandwidth

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