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Any good fps for linux out there?

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I play Nexuiz as well and it is FANTASTIC. However, if you are used to console FPS, your in for a big surprise. Nexuiz is EXTREMELY fast. The best thing about it is it's speed & physics (which is why I will NOT be playing Xonotic). A good way to pick up quickly is to join a server (preferably House of CTF) and "spectate" one of the better players for a little while. This will show you the best way to move around and different tricks. Have fun and don't give up. :)

Also, another game (not free) that has a native Linux version is Eschalon ( These are slower Diablo-esque games, but are really good and at a decent price.

Another good option, especially for old-school gamers is any kind of MUD. I play Ansalon (a Dragonlance MUD) and I really enjoy it. Gnome-Mud is a good program to play these and is in the repositories.

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I'm going to put in another vote for Urban Terror. It's a good gameplay focused FPS that's just fun to play around with.

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have there been any Amiga fps games other than cytadela to be ported to linux i know the source code for alien breed3d and alien breed3d 2 were released in in March 1997, on the cover CD of Amiga Format magazine issue 95 has anybody done linux ports yet i would even be happy with a windows port if im forced to use wine who cares they were my favorite fps games for Amiga sadly my amiga broke last week and it cant be fixed [

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