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Any good RPGs out there?

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Which Linux RPG game is the best to play? Doesn't matter whether it's 2D or 3D.

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I do not personally play RPG games, but I found a site that has some linux games categorized, the link below is to their RPG category.

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There's a Diablo hack/slash/button blazer called FreeDriod. The controls take some getting use to, and the ability to access the editor makes it feel like SimCity when you send a tornado, but I like!

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you can play also this rpg under linux systems

mmorpg pokemon game PokemonCraft

here is the complete pokedex of this game

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Well I still play Diablo - even on Wine it works fine. You will have to edit your firewall settings - aka the iptables - in order to update via Battlenet. Since Blizzard is trying to get people ready for Diablo 3, they don't mind if you forgot your keys.

I have played several pokemon rpgs via emulators with Wine, but its a pain. Better off just getting them for a DS or other hand held device

For actual open source, free games there are the following:
[li] Freedroid [/li]
[li] Singularity [/li]
[li] NetHack [/li]
[li] ADOM [/li]

There are sooo many rpg games out there for Linux its not even funny. With the help of DosBox you can enjoy your favorites.

Check out:
[li] [/li]
[li] [/li]
[li] [/li]
[li] [/li]

The best bet is to search for abandoned games and for open source/free games. Basically though, if its developed for Linux its usually under a GPL or a freeBSD license.

Some non-free games have been developed for Linux from S2 Games, but they are great games. Check them out at

Have Fun

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Another interesting list is

That list all sorts of fun stuff. Just "Ctrl-F" and look for "RPG".


Sorry.. *cough* has nothing to do with the game. Just brings back memories of a certain board game. *sigh*

Also, as noted before, there are lots of cool games that are windows based that can run pretty well under wine.

Psst... GuildWars. (Personally liked it better then WoW) and its super cheap and no monthly fees. If you are into the whole MMO stuff.

Another non-free game that was one of my fav. was NeverWinter Nights. Which is native on linux.

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