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Collectively buy games to open source?

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Honestly, I do not expect all software that I use to be opensource. If the commercial game manufacturers would just release Linux based versions of their games I would highly consider purchasing them (as long as they are my kind of games) both to play the games and to support their efforts to support our community.

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That would be great too, nothing feels faster or smoother then a high graphics game running native on 64 bit Linux. Honestly that's probably the best option for game manufacturers. If I was selling games I don't think I would want to cut out 90% of desktop users by making it Linux only, but making sure to actively support a Linux version would be an awesome way to get a dedicated fan base in my opinion.

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Ubuntu is doing a great job with their software center of promoting independent Linux native games and applications.

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Yeah, if opensource can make games similar to the popular ones, that would be big. It may be tough to get game developers to opensource their games but there is no law for making replicants. At I think.

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