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Cube 2 - New fun "quake-clone"

Link to this post 16 May 09

I just downloaded and ran Cube 2 and its very fun.
Apparently its a new game-engine written from scratch and its really nice.
Some maps are made after popular CS-maps and Quake-maps and its a very simple but fun FPS-game.

They have native clients for MacosX, Windows and Linux and it works just great.

Try it out!

Link to this post 17 May 09

Ah, Sauerbraten? It's been around for quite a while, and there are lots of games based on the engine :)

Link to this post 18 May 09

EDIT: OH GOD, Cube 2. I was thinking of Tremulous; which I really didn't like... there are too many ways to stall it.

Cube 2 was... alright; some things I really didn't agree with. The graphics are lacking, ditto with gameplay. I don't know, when you play Nexuiz and then play this... you wonder why you're playing it.

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