Favorite game?

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When it comes to Linux native games it's absolutely OpenArena. That game is just genious.

Trough Wine it's World of Warcraft. Why o why did they drop the development of the Linux native version?

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One of the great things about in-game money and virtual economies is that they never went through this whole economic meltdown. So take that to all of those people who think the real world is better then computer games!

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Nethack/Slash'Em (My all time favorite!!)

through wine:
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
King's Quest 3 :)
Colin MrRae DiRT

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I like to play counterstrike.
and YES its possible to play counterstrike under linux =)
With the software by TransGaming with the name WineX :p

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I find that getting games to work under linux with wine to be the best game of all. Yes, I do need a fix like the new FreeOrion or any Texas Holdem'. Then again, I can dual boot to Windows when I get too frustrated with wine.

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I dont have managed it to play call of duty under linux :(
But I have heard about that they want money in the future to play cod.

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