Favorite game?

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fceu, FlightGear, Counter-Strike and Diablo II under wine.

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mhangman wrote:

world of warcraft... but can i play it? no :D

I just loaded a guide to getting WoW running well in WINE. I wrote this a few weeks ago for a friend and he was up and running that day. I uploaded it to my blog section here on here is the direct link:


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Linux native: Frozen Bubble is crack

WINE: Lord of the Rings Online

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DOOM and DOOM ][


1. they will run on my craptacular laptop
2. they do not require wine (nothing vs wine)
3. the MUSIC!

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I would have to say Freespace 2 using the Freespace 2 Source Code Project. Still an awesome game, even to this day.

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[li]Quake III Arena[/li]
[li]Unreal Tournament 2004, then 2007 (with linux installer on disc!)[/li]
[li]Frozen Bubble[/li]

Quake 3 is still my top favourite but I have not gamed in Linux in so long. My home PC is left on the XP partition since all I do after work is World of Warcraft and sleep.

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