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Link to this post 27 Feb 10

Is there limited client access or connections with Ubuntu Server ?

If so, then I must go a different route.

I will need to be able to have hundreds upto a 1000 people connecting on the runnning game servers.

Or maybe there is a Gameserver Linux package out there that has all popular linux dedicated server already included in the package and all you need to do is copy the game files.

If not, that would be a good project for you guys to start, make a Windows program that will automatically copy IRQ settings and such in Windows and download ALL Linux drivers and create the CD image for you specific to your machine and all its hardware, then you just burn it.

If the program cannot find the drivers it will notify the user to cancel or to provide the driver, you Linux logo can be the penguin with a red and sore Nintendo thumb.

Link to this post 27 Feb 10

"Is there limited client access or connections with Ubuntu Server ?"
If you mean some sort of license restriction, then no. If you mean will it consume too many resources to allow that volume of connections, it all really depends on what software you install and run and the capability of your hardware.

I personally haven't heard of any game server oriented distributions, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist. I personally don't do a lot of gaming, myself. Have you looked at They have a pretty complete list of Linux distros out there.

I still think, though that your best bet is going to be Debian w/ no X server, or Ubuntu Server.

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Doing some research on the net, if found out that most and all Linux game servers are running CentOS 5.4

And that will be my choice for the OS, it is said that CentOS is used by MOST webservers because it only takes the know how of just poping in the DVD and being able to read, it was designed to be a headless server so video card support sucks for it, and the CentOS team even admits that it will not be good for a desktop workstation, Redhat or Fedora would do good for that.

Now the issue is actually controling my server from home, is there a free program for Linux that allows server control such as actually being at the desktop, mouse click/ drag and drop? DirectAdmin, Plesk, cPanel/WHM, Virtuozzo PowerPanel.

Or do those listed above suck and you guys have a better recommendation?
if so I will rent a VPS server from
running CentOS so that I may practice before spend all this money.

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Most designated game software is meant to be controlled from a config file that is loaded when you launch the executable not from a point-and-click gui. The best form of administration would be to setup a secure ssh daemon on the server and call into the server remotely from an ssh client which can include putty for windows. Once in the server you can modify the config file(s) and restart the game all from the command line.

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mfillpot is spot on. I tihnk you should try to stick to CLI. especially since you don't seem to want to waste any over-head. Howver, if you insist on a GUI, you have a few options. Something like c-pannel is probably not a bad choice, if it has the plugins for everything you want to control (I haven't looked at c-pannel in years). Or, you could install a minimal X server, and no Desktop Environment. Then via that same SSH session you could X11 forward you windows back to your local X server and use the GUI tools available to you as if they were on your local computer.

Something like Cpannel would cost you the overhead of running a web server.

Something like X11 forwarding would cost you the overhead of running an X server.

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