Linux on a USB

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There are a number of ways to install Linux on a thumb drive so that it can run directly without accessing the system discs or files. For example, Ubuntu will allow you to install it on a thumb drive, and if the drive is 4GB or bigger, it will also allow you to allocate some of that space for writable data storage. There is also a tool call Unetbootin which can take just about any distribution ISO image and turn it into a live USB drive, just like a live CD/DVD. You can get Unetbootin here:

Just remember to check with the school about using the system this way. If you make your case, they should allow it, but remember that a live USB distribution can also install itself on the system hard drive if you want to, which would not be a "good thing"... :-)

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You can install a live distro on your usb without loosing your current data. Does your school have a sandbox classroom where the student learn and tinker with computers? If so, you may be able to plea that you want to show something new to the class that can help them better their understandings of computers.

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I remember putting linux mint on a 8gb stick, when into school and it worked :D.
So, its possible. If your on windows, use UNetBootin and choose your OS and you have a
live USB stick.

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