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Linux users not playing Flash games?

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Linux has never been the best platform for games, so I've always been thinking Flash (and other browser) games were pretty appreciated amongst Linux users as they can be played on every platform supported by the Flash plugin. Well, it seems I were wrong.

About one month ago I created a Flash games portal called AskFlashGames trying to collect only quality games, because most of the ones I came across were filled with rubbish. These are the visitors stats of the first month:

click to enlarge

As you may notice, Linux users are below the 10% threshold and half of the Mac users (doesn't Steve Jobs say Flash is bad? :))!

To be honest I have no idea why this is happening, and as a portal owner and Linux user I'd like to improve this situation for what I can. So I thought to post on this forum and ask if you play Flash games and if not, why?

Any answer, feedback, story or tip is appreciated, thanks ;)

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Those percentages look like they accurately reflect the breakdown of users of those different operating systems as a whole. To increase your Linux user base, you'll need to heavily advertise your site on sites that are used primarily by Linux users (like, for instance).


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I don't play a ton of flash games, simply because most aren't very interesting to me but I definitely support the cross-platform idea of Flash. You have to keep in mind that Linux market share is lower than 7%, so you're actually seeing a really good percentage of Linux users.

The biggest reason Linux numbers are so low is because Linux users percentage in general isn't very high.

Nice website by the way!

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Maybe both of you are right and the only problem is with the low Linux market share, even if my 2 other main websites have a different trend for Linux users.
Lowpoly Studios (my indie games company): Win 65.28% - Lin 19.79% - Mac 13.28%
The Undergrounder (my multi-platform indie game): Win 53.33% - Lin 30.37% - Mac 14.28%

I was expecting something like the stats I have for the first website, but that one is been online for about 2 years now and maybe 1 month is just not enough for true stats.

MikeEnIke wrote:

Nice website by the way!

Thank you :)

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I agree with Mike... a VERY nice site. Now that I've buzzed around it a bit, I see that it will be INCREASING my % of time wasting and increasing your site's Linux users' stats. ;)

P.S. Are you familiar with Pastel Games? I've been known to waste a goodly amount of time there, also.

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Hi Davide
I agree with Eric perspective due to linux user percentage, but I'm raising your linux userbase to alter your stats as well.
Nice site :-)


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