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Linux users not playing Flash games?

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saqman2060 wrote:

I do not play any flash games. I prefer my windows games, plays better. Not sure why the linux games are cheesy at best. Perhaps it is the language they is being used. Remember this is opensource. Opensource programs are not that powerful like, for say, C+ or c#.

Most linux based games are programmed in C++, as for C# that is now a .net language in which you can program it through the mono library. Those are all possible. The big distinction is that the major software companies which make those "pretty" graphics are not interested in the Linux users side of the market, in many cases the only time they think about support Linux based systems is to run as the game server rather than the client.

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LinuxSquirrel wrote:

Why? Because the most popular distros do not come with flash preinstalled. This is usually for legal or ideological reasons, or both.

I don't think that's the reason, as neither Windows comes with Flash pre-installed.

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Abobe is not supporting the linux version of the player since the last update ( Why? Because is adobe and not macromedia any more. Also keep in mind that flash player is not shockwave and shockwave with linux is NO GO.
So if you wanna have linux users you must verify that the required version of the flash player is least the last supported flash player.check adobe's web site.
More than that some flash game developers are pushing the video cards so hard (just because they have a good one) by using high FPS (frames per second) and they don't grasp the concept of data streaming nor the graphics optimization and most linux users are using old mashines and those mashines they are not very compelling... configurational speaking.
Other than that you must be at least intermediate linux user to setup and configure the flash player correct depending your linux "flavour". So if you determinate to support linux users you should host some articles or links where described the update procedures of their player (usually is not one click).
So good luck and have my appreciation for supporting the linux community in any way you can.

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I don't think that's the reason

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