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Looking for some help!

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So, let me start off by saying this is my first time having a personal computer with Linux, currently running Ubuntu 12.04. So far; I am very impressed. There are many pros, but just as many cons. I, obviously being a noob, have no clue how to run Windows games, on or off Steam, through wine. I am a learner with many questions, so help would be extremely appreciated.



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As you may already know, you should not expect windows based software to work on non-windows operating systems. With that being said, you can check the wine beginner how-to at or explore the wiki for application use information. As for the methods used within steam, steam has a large Linux user community and you can ask within those communities how they have accomplished the tasks as they are the most versed in the required methods.

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Steam runs natively on Ubuntu 12.04 and is your best option as far as games. If you plan on using wine I recommend and using their version of wine as well as installers, for the most part they just work (or don't).

Let me know if you make some progress.

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Also, you can literally drag and drop any .deb file onto the Ubuntu software center to use that to install it easily for you. I do the same in Debian.

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I currently have steam running great on Debian 7.3 (Wheezy), to be honest it's running better then it did on Ubuntu, however was a bit more complicated to setup.

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Virtual Machine can also be a help..

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